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A Message from Lynn

Hi Friends!

Over my career as a research scientist, a CEO for an education non-profit and as an active volunteer leader, the constant thread that’s tied together 30 years of work has been my history of tackling tough issues in an effort to help people and improve quality of life.

Now, I’d like to put my experience to work as our next Mayor. It’s time for a fresh perspective from a political outsider who can rise above the fray, focus on the mission and get things done.  And, I’ve spent 25 years in our civic community getting things done.

As I’ve been campaigning, I’ve noticed that there a few things about me that surprise people. Here are with a few facts about my background to give you more insight to skills I’d bring to the Mayor’s office:

I’m a scientist. As a biochemistry grad from the University of Texas in the early 90’s, I was an early hire of New England Biolabs, where I worked as a research scientist and created partnerships to grow the company. Today, NEB is the world leader in genomic research and employs more than 500, and I’m still a manager and employee owner of the company. Over 30 years in science, I’ve learned to keep pushing forward to find solutions, and I’ve learned the value of research.

I’m CEO of a statewide education non-profit. Currently, I serve as CEO of Young Women’s Preparatory Network, a public-private partnership that creates STEM-focused schools of choice in an all-girls setting. To date, YWPN grads have a 100% college acceptance rate – many of them first generation college goers.  Over my five years as CEO, I’ve gained a deep understanding of how to partner with ISDs to improve student achievement, and it’s an issue I’ll champion as Mayor.

I’m a hands-on leader.  As a volunteer leader for more than 25 different non-profits, I’ve taken a hands-on approach, learning the tough issues. I’ve visited the homeless in our streets. I’ve mentored students in our public schools. I’ve consoled victims of abuse. And, I’ve cheered at graduations of first-generation college goers. Connecting with people and that first-hand understanding inspires me and drives me to work even harder. As Mayor, I’ll lead with compassion for people, and a passion for a better Dallas.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to review our website and learn more.

I’m not a politician, I’m community leader with a big heart for Dallas. If you agree that it’s time for a fresh perspective from outside of politics – and if you want a Mayor who will lead with her head and her heart – I would be honored to have your support.


Support Lynn

I’m not a politician, I’m a community leader with a big heart for Dallas. If you agree that it’s time for a fresh perspective from outside of politics – and if you want a Mayor who will lead with her head and her heart – please join our campaign.

Lynn’s Priorities:

Safer neighborhoods.

As Mayor, I’ll work to create an environment where police and fire work hand-in-hand with our city leaders to keep us all safe. We must make growing our police force a top priority, and provide first responders the leadership, training and resources they need to make us the safest city in America.

Better basic services.

As mayor, I’ll approach our quality of life as the foundation of our city, and work to ensuring it’s strong and sustainable as we grow. That means smooth streets, strong city services, well-maintained parks and public spaces, but it also means streets safe from stray dogs, city codes that are enforced, and even safe gas lines. Great basics produce great neighborhoods that cradle our families, create connected communities and improve quality of life – this is where City Hall should be focused.

Protect taxpayers.

As Mayor, I’ll lead for taxpayers and families, and work to get the best return for taxpayer dollars. This means more budget dollars for services that improve quality of life, and fighting abuse, misuse and spending on pet projects or inefficient programs.

Jobs & opportunity.

Good jobs not only provide for families, they also strengthen our neighborhoods, reduce crime, support educational achievement in our schoolchildren, and more. As Mayor I’ll work to ensure the jobs and opportunity are there for families who want to make Dallas their home.

Improving education.

Any CEO would tell you that training and keeping talent is their greatest challenge. As a city, we must put action behind this truth by expanding our education infrastructure to fulfill future need. As the CEO of a successful partnership that is creating first-generation college graduates, I’ve got direct experience to make a difference on this issue as mayor.

Disrupting cycles of poverty.

We must address root causes of poverty cycles and provide resources through public-private collaboration, not expanding government to treat symptoms of poverty. This issue has been studied and the new Child Poverty Action Lab was launched in 2018. Now, it’s time for a mayor who can reach into business, civic and philanthropic networks to secure the long-term resources needed to see this plan through the coming decades.